Parish Council Budget and Precept

The only means of income that the Parish Council has is a precept paid in two equal annual instalments by Herefordshire Council.  To receive those payments, the Parish Council must prepare, approve publicly and then submit an annual budget to the County – once approved, the precept forms part of the council tax payments which each household pays. This means The Parish Council is spending public money which is why every meeting has a finance section where every payment is publicly stated. As pressure on the Parish Council to fund services locally increases, it is likely that the precept part of your council tax may also have to increase.

Below are links to the 2017/18 Budget and the 2018/19 budget and its approved budget for 2019/2020 as approved by the Parish Council at its meeting in November 2018

2017/2018 Budget

2018/2019 Budget

2019/2020 Budget