A Statement Regarding Wellington Shop and Post Office

Wellington Shop and Post Office – a statement from the Parish Council

If you have not heard all the talk of the future of the shop, you might well have been on a long exotic holiday, but for the avoidance of doubt, we will officially confirm that Carol Lloyd has informed the Parish Council, who debated it in public at the November 2nd meeting, that the shop is currently running at an unsustainable level of business. As a result, Carol has asked the Parish Council to consider a rent holiday.

As you may be aware, the shop was funded via a loan from the Public Works Loan Board – the loan repayments of almost £15,000 per annum are met using £7800 in rent, with the remainder charged back to every household in the Parish via the precept which is included in your council tax.  The amount each household pays depends on the council tax band for the property but to give you an example a £1000 precept costs each home around £2 a year.

The Parish Council must take a pragmatic view of the scenario of receiving no rent – how long can it afford not to have any, at what point does the precept have to increase and should the Parish Council financially support what is, after all, Carol’s commercial enterprise. We are effectively damned if we don’t and damned if we do!

Rest assured we want the shop to survive and much of the success of that survival rests with our parishioners – the shop is NOT BEING USED to the level that it was previously, so we urge everyone to get behind Carol and support it as much as possible.  The Parish Council is open to your comments on why you think the business has declined and will treat any comments it receives in confidence – in fact feedback would be invaluable at this tricky time. Meanwhile, the PC has agreed to a deferral of rent for a period of 3 months (October – December) with the situation kept under constant review and discussed again at the December Parish Council meeting. Deferring the rent is not the same as waiving it completely and it is hoped to be able to recover the amount owed at some point in the future.

Statement issued mid-November 2017