Herefordshire Council are carrying out a Community Governance Review (CGR) for Wellington,  and have published the terms of reference for this review on Herefordshire Council’s web-site, thus formally triggering the review, along with a proposed timeline for completing the review.

The proposals will include some of the dwellings on the periphery of the Parish may be moved into neighbouring parishes and, conversely, some of those on the outskirts of neighbouring parishes are being considered for inclusion in Wellington Parish.

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This first phase of consultation aims to gather initial opinion/evidence on the proposals for the CGR which in the case of Wellington is to explore whether the parish boundary could be considered with specific reference to the two properties which were currently in Moreton Parish.  Similarly the northern boundary adjacent to the railway may be better served under Hope under Dinmore Parish.

The consultation will be made available on line via the councils web-site along with some additional background information on CGRs and Wellington parish council.As part of any CGR the local authority conducting the review needs to provide reasonable periods for consultation with local electors and other stakeholders, for the consideration of evidence presented to them in representations, as well as for decision-making. In making any recommendations, the review should consider expressions of local opinion made by local people and other interested persons, and also use its own knowledge of the local area.