Minerals and Waste Local Plan (MWLP) – Issues and Options Consultation

Herefordshire Council is consulting on a key document which will form a part of the planning policy framework (Local Plan) for Herefordshire and would like to know your views.

Minerals and waste planning is concerned with controlling minerals extraction and managing waste. The MWLP will explain the vision, objectives and strategy for Herefordshire. It will detail policies and, potentially, locations for minerals extraction (such as sand and gravel pits or crushed rock quarries) and for the development of waste management facilities (such as recycling plants).

The issues and options consultation is the first step of the MWLP preparation process. To ensure that the demand for and supply of minerals is properly understood extensive work has been done to provide evidence on the types and quantities of waste produced and managed. This, together with the existing evidence base documents which underpin the Core Strategy, will assist in the production of the policies and proposals in the emerging MWLP.

Alongside the issues and options consultation, a second Call for Sites is being conducted for those wishing their sites to be considered for possible allocation through the plan and who have not previously made a submission.

The Issues and options paper can be viewed online at the following web address: www.herefordshire.gov.uk/mineralsandwaste or within the county’s libraries and info centres.
We would like to hear your views about the issues and options detailed in the document, please complete either the online or paper questionnaire.

Below are copies of the maps which are referred to in this consultation.  Please click to access them

Waste Facilities Map 1

Mineral Facilities Map 2

Waste Facilities Input in Tonnes Map 3

Waste Facilities Capacity in Tonnes Map 4

Consultation responses should be returned by Friday 6 October 2017.

Comments received during this period along with further evidence gathered will help formulate the next stage of the preparation of the Minerals and Waste Local Plan. Once a draft plan has been produced, we will hold further consultations about policy wording and any allocations proposed.

If you have any questions about the MWLP consultation, need help completing the questionnaire, or need it in another format, you can call us on 01432 260146, 01432 260137 or email us on ldf@herefordshire.gov.uk