Community Led Parish Plan

The Parish of Wellington first published a Parish Plan back in 2003 but it had stagnated and suffered from lack of follow through with some of the aspirations at the time (such as a doctor’s surgery) being unrealistic

In 2013 it was recognised that as well as much having changed in the village and parish as a whole but also that the local and national Government backdrop to the development of these plans has changed dramatically.

A group of volunteers led by a Steering Group worked tirelessly to produce an up to date plan with the aim of informing the Parish Council of the views and aspirations of the community, particularly with regard to provision of local services for the next five years. An extensive questionnaire was developed and delivered to every household in the Parish, collected and the results analysed.

The Parish Council accepts ownership of the plan and is able to give direction to its implementation, as well as being in a position to influence and action aspects of the plan, where appropriate funding might be needed.

The outcomes of the plan will be achieved by a combination of effort from the now established Community Led Plan Implementation Team, the Parish Council and much needed (and valued!) volunteers.

A copy of the plan can be found at the link below and the CLP Implementation Team provides and update of its activities at every Parish Council meeting. If you want more information or feel you can help in some way, contact details are:

Chair of Steering Group Jennifer Jarrett – Telephone: 839076
Secretary of Steering Group:
Liz Bullar – Telephone: 830435

Community Led Parish Plan 2014