Wellington Parish Council
Neighbourhood Development Plan 2015-2031

A formal referendum run by Herefordshire Council took place on July 7th 2016 and parishioners voted 87.2% Yes to 12.8% No in favour of adoption of the Wellington Neighbourhood Development plan.

Adoption of the plan was the culmination of three years of hard work on the Parish Council-led project;  the plan will protect the settlement boundary, it designates specific housing sites with controlled numbers and protects the Wellington conservation area.

Wellington will more than meet the percentage growth in residential development which the county requires and at the same time, the plan goes further than just controlling where development can take place – a lot of effort has gone into detailing the type and size of homes that are best for the future growth of the Parish, together with design criteria to enhance the local setting, as well as ensuring that the Parish infrastructure is enhanced and services protected.
Preparation of the the plan was totally grant funded. Wellington Parish Council worked with Planning Consultants Kirkwells on production of the various drafts of the plans, as well as one informal and two formal consultations.
The links below provide you with the definitive plan together with relevant supporting information.

Results of Referendum

Final Report 2016

Inspectors Report

Strategic Environment Report 2016

Habitats Regulation Assessment 2016

Decision Document – December 2015

Call for Sites Assessment Report – December 2014

Wellington Neighbourhood Development Plan (Submission Version Regulation 16)

Wellington Parish Policies Map

Wellington Village Policies Map

Consultation Statement

Basic Conditions Statement

Regulation 14 Consultation Draft Report (for comparison purposes)