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  1. With respect, can I ask how, if our Parish Council is ‘The voice of local people’ how that voice was so easily and quickly disregarded at the meeting (6 July) with reference to the proposed cemetery parking? All residents present, strongly and unanimously objected to the car park yet it was deemed a necessity by parish councillors who do not live near the area. If you read the objections, or listened to the parishioners you would know that anymore than 3 parking spaces would be overkill let alone a 14 -15 car, gravel parking area. Even when you all agreed it seemed to be a sweetener to make up for a smaller development meaning no funds for the parish, you held no objection. I have spoken to people who park outside the cemetery today. They stated they would not use a car park. The post box has more people stopping outside it with no parking area and even the local shop and post office does not warrant that many spaces. I urge the parish council to think about the ramifications of the car park being allowed as once it is there and being used as a housing estate overflow, being looked after and cleaned, all funded from the villagers pockets, there is no turning back! Kind regards.

    • Hi Kerry. We know there is a lot of feeling about the proposal for a Cemetery Car Park – I have forwarded your comments to the Chair and Vice Chair for a response and they will come back to you. We very much value comments from residents and we will listen to their views, which are important to us.

  2. Car park next to the graveyard.

    Free all day parking so close to the bus stop will be popular way of avoiding Hereford town parking charges. Expect a lot of all-day parkers from folk living mile around as parking costs in town ever increase.
    There would also be on-going liability for costs arising from:
    a) maintenance
    b) insurance
    c) removal of fly tipping to lawful sites and costs of disposal. Some of the waste could be highly obnoxious.

    I’d say Kerry and her neighbours know best if this car park needed or not, so PC, please follow their advice and avoid potential hassle and possible heavy cost liability, unless of course you can come up with compelling evidence to overcome these very valid objections.

    For my part, I’d suggest the Wiliams should keep ownership of the area and plant it with trees which would help reduce the ever increasing urbanisation of Wellington by lessening the impact of the new housing as you swing in off the 49.
    Now that would be an achievement the PC could be well proud off. Lets do it!

    • Dear Nigel. The Parish Council are unable to amend their comments and at this stage have neither supported nor objected to the car park. There will of course be further opportunity for comment at the detailed plan stage and it was stated at the meeting that comment would be made on the car park at this stage when it was known exactly what was on offer.

    • It is our aim to put draft minutes onto the website within 2 weeks of the meeting once they have been reviewed for accuracy by Councillors. According to the website records the July minutes were posted on the 18th July so I can only apologise if for whatever reason you could not see them.

    • Apologies but they do on mine – on the front page click on Latest Draft Minutes and the page comes up. I am afraid I don’t know why you cant see them but if the problem persists I will look into it again. They wont be there now as I have just moved them over to the approved page.

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